Laser Therapy

The HPLT 7 is a 7 watt laser that uses 2 wavelengths (650/810nm) and can be used for damaged or inflamed tendons and joints, bursitis, wound and scar treatment, acute and chronic pain.


The wavelengths of 650nm and 810nm are optimally absorbed by the chromophores, including the protein cytochrome c oxidase (CCO), which increases the activity of the cell. This makes these wavelengths extremely suitable for accelerating the tissue healing process and ensures a more effective recovery from pain, inflammation and infections.


It is great for:


Wounds and scars
Skin problems
Tendons, ligaments and joint injuries
Muscle injuries and increased muscle tension
Back and neck complaints
Peripheral Nerve Injuries
Anal infections
Chronic Gingivitis Stomatitis Complex
Lumbosacral Instability
Gastrointestinal complaints
Ear infection
Gum disease
Relieving pain
Reducing the inflammatory response
Accelerate tissue repair and cell growth
Improve blood circulation
Increase cell metabolism
Improving nerve function
Stimulating the immune system